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Athletics Coaching and Activities in the Stratford on Avon Area



Secondary 1

Secondary school is a key environment in which to build on the fundamental principles and specific event skills associated with running, jumping and throwing, but with the tremendous pressure on PE teachers, to deliver a full and varied curriculum, there is precious little time to devote to developing both the multi skill principles and technical skills.

AStarCoaching delivers a range of athletic and fitness activities in a fun and enjoyable way that will help pupils learn and acquire the necessary underpinning fitness, movement and event specific skills required for competent performance and to support a healthy lifestyle.


Benefits and outcomes :-

  • Helping children stay fit and healthy
  • Assisting school staff who are planning and delivering the curriculum
  • Support PESSYP 5 hours requirement, by being an extra resource and helping to take the pressure of teachers
  • Out-of-school hour activities, such as after-school and lunchtime clubs
  • Using the specific expertise in Stratford upon Avon AC and taking it into the schools environment
  • Multi Skill Athletic and event specific activity for everyone
  • School and club link - synergy
  • Signposting athletes into the club environment
  • Continuity of regular, year round activity
  • Recognition and prestige for both the pupil and the school
  • Lasting legacy of skills and fitness



The multi-skills, with good all year round conditioning, approach is based on the experiences of delivering athletics in the club environment and the programmes developed by the sports NGB, UKA via Elevating Athletics, either in curriculum time or after school, by qualified, enthusiastic, CRB checked, specialist athletics club coaches.

AStarCoaching’s approach focuses on stimulating, exciting and teaching to all pupils these fundamental principles, irrespective of ability, in a fun environment. The need to stretch the more gifted pupils is also recognised and because the activities are delivered by club based coaches, all pupils can be signposted into club and holiday camp athletics.

Improvements in :-

  • Fundamental Movement and Multi Skills
  • Specific Athletics event skills and performance
  • Conditioning - fitness, mobility, speed, agility, endurance
  • Technical attributes - Run, jump, throw

Planning and delivery of Competition:-

  • Sports Days
  • Sportshall
  • Multi event Track and Field
  • Fun activities
  • Intra schools competition
  • Inter school competition
  • Agility Challenge
  • Support and development of Step into Sport for Young Officials








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